At Awakenings Christian Counseling, we strive to focus on the concept of Mind, Body, Holy Spirit. It is understood that all elements in Allopathic and Homeopathic medicine are derived from elements of God’s creation. The focus on well-being is to create a healthy balance in our lives by bridging the gap between both disciplines. As we seek wellness through the Lord’s creations, we see elements intertwined for healing purposes.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to healing and wellness enables us to focus on modalities and counseling therapies accustomed to each individual and their needs. Jesus’ teachings reveal His call to heal the mind, body, and soul. Whether it be Counseling Therapy, Addictions Counseling or Music, Art or Massage Therapy which are holistic modalities, our ministry provides a loving and caring environment to allow healing to take place.

Our services are as follows:

If we can be of any assistance, our desire is to help you. Please feel free to call 269.234.2343.